16 Haiku for 16 Beers

IMG_6765Drinking and poetry go together like an easy simile. Lord Byron, Charles Bukowski, Dorothy Parker, and many many more – all liked a little more than a tipple. The idea of a craft beer festival appealed to this poet very much, so on Sunday I headed to Battersea Arts Centre for their Love Beer event – and to write haiku about some of the beers I tasted. Beerku? Beerku.

Canopy Beer Co’s Brockwell IPA
A smooth awakening
sunlight plays on your tastebuds
like a new spring day.

Kew Brewery’s Nightshade chilli porter
It seems cool at first
but where there’s smoke, there’s fire
heat rising slowly.

Gipsy Hill Brewery’s Southpaw
A surprising punch
emerges from amber depths
shadow-boxer’s jab.

Orbit Beers’ Neu Altbier
Though shade defines you
you are more than your dark depths
you emerge, all light.

Decent Brewery’s Strong Ale
You sugar your strength
hide muscles behind sweetness
a wrestler in pink.

Crate Brewery’s Black IPA
Crashing waves of sound
deep notes echo for ages
taste that lingers, strong.

Mondo Brewing’s Spider from Mars
Oh you pretty thing!
all fresh-faced, an open book
colourful pages.

Beavertown Beer’s 8 Ball
I’ll break, you say, pool
cue impacting with some force:
sense in the chaos.

Portobello Beer’s Stiff Lip
Open your eyes, man!
We must all face it full-on.
Brace for impact… Now!

Belleville Brewer’s Abbeville Whit(e)
As you walk away
you look over your shoulder
your smile excites.

The Park Brewery’s Rhythm Stick
Hit me with your hops:
das ist gut, c’est fantastique
pale but punchy.

Brick Brewery’s American IPA
Unfiltered, you speak
charmingly honest, open –
words trip off your tongue.

Brixton Brewery’s Low Voltage
A live wire sparks
do not underestimate

By the Horns’ Sour to the People
We go fruit picking
turn tart findings into taste –
gooseberry crumble.

Clarkshaws’ Hell Yeah! lager
Foam bubbles over
golden depths, honeyed yellow
sweetness on the tongue.

Three Sods’ Belgian Bugger
Let’s go back in time
uncrumple your frowning face
like a reverse punch.


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