Poems: Don’t Know What You’re Doing & Four Batches Of Chicken


I’ve just led my first lecture and seminar on the creative writing course at Canterbury Christ Church University, and some advice I gave was that you’ve got to take risks and put your poems out there. So, time to practice what I preach! I set the students the challenge of going out on to campus, overhearing some conversations, and writing down interesting lines to be the opening to a new poem. I took a couple of these lines for myself and speed-wrote these two pieces. Another piece of advice? Not every poem has to be an instant-classic masterpiece ;-).

Don’t Know What You’re Doing

How do you write a poem
when you don’t know what you’re doing?
Words are practical jokers
laying traps of hidden meaning
some raw emotion sprung and primed
ready to sucker punch you
with an oversized boxing glove –
bright red rushing into your face
already bruised from too-much reading.

Four Batches Of Chicken

I made four batches of chicken
yet it wasn’t enough:
his appetite was voracious
a black hole of emptiness
the gravitational pull of his hunger
allowing nothing to escape
including me.

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