dansimpsonbot: Poem 1 (Oh Midwives)

I have a bot on Twitter, created by the excellent poet, coder, and person Joel Auterson. This fake-news-Dan scans through my old tweets and recombines words to write his own. Sometimes they’re nonsense. Sometimes they’re silly. Sometimes they’re downright poignant and poetic.

robotI’ve been collecting my favourite lines from @dansimpsonbot for a while, and when I was recently asked on to talkRADIO to speak about language, it was the perfect chance to make a bot-based poem! All unedited – simply a cut-up of the bot’s tweets. Here we go:

Bot Poem 1: Oh Midwives

Oh midwives across Europe working hard for us all!
I can’t promise Huxley-like alien machines tonight
but this may be better:
I have come dressed as a giantsitting on London like some sort of monster.

His body may be my crowning glory:
his heart
strong but not in an unpleasant way
This sort of monster
Strong but not here.

My finger is hovering over the River Thames
to go into the glass
it might be grey and damp
but I can promise hair pins, roof tiles, & a dog’s skull.
Who wants to tip me over the edge?

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