Poem: Dogs in the Disco Dimension

I worked The Poetry Takeaway on Friday night at Roundhouse‘s awesome The Last Word Festival. The first commissions were from some super imaginative kids who wanted a poem about their dogs’ adventure to the Disco Dimension, and battle to escape… Here’s the speed-written, unedited piece I came up with for them!

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Avocado Economics: BAC Freshly Scratched Feedback

On Saturday I tried out 10 minutes of material from a show I’m developing at Battersea Arts Centre‘s excellent Freshly Scratched evening. Avocado Economics is about: 1) the difficult economic situation for Millennials, and especially the housing crisis 2) our retreat into 90s childhood nostalgia and 3) smashed avocado on toast. Through a PowerPoint presentation and comedic lecture, I presented: a brief history of avocado marketing; a mash-up of the Pokemon theme tune and Tony Blair’s 1997 victory speech; gave everyone a bit of smashed avo on toast; and read an angry, sad poem. Here are my lessons learnt from audience feedback – including these delightful cartoons of avocados the audience drew, completely unprompted!

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Wimbledon Bookfest – Poetry Takeaway Live!

Takeaway Poems at Wimbledon Bookfest

Do you know about The Poetry Takeaway? You should, because it’s awesome! It’s an old burger van converted into a mobile poetry emporium that goes around the UK (and a little further!), loaded up with chefs who cook up poems for the public. Give the poet a few words, or a subject, or a question, or who you’d like the poem for, and 20-odd minutes later, you have a brand new poem made just for you – and hopefully just the way you like it (even if you didn’t know you liked poetry in the first place!).

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June’s Haiku Highlights

I write a daily haiku and publish them on my Instagram and Twitter accounts! Here are some haiku from June, including one for the new Tate Modern opening, a couple for Edinburgh Fringe (I’m bringing a show – if you back it on Kickstarter you can get an awesome Reward), and of course Europe: both the Euros and Brexit.