May’s Haiku Highlights

I’ve set myself the challenge of writing a haiku every day. My personal highlights from May are using Naomi Woddis‘ photos as inspiration (more of those next month!) and the super-tricky limerick-haiku. Check out my Instagram and Twitter for more – and for a daily dose of haiku! Want a haiku yourself? Suggest a topic to me!

16 Haiku for 16 Beers

IMG_6765Drinking and poetry go together like an easy simile. Lord Byron, Charles Bukowski, Dorothy Parker, and many many more – all liked a little more than a tipple. The idea of a craft beer festival appealed to this poet very much, so on Sunday I headed to Battersea Arts Centre for their Love Beer event – and to write haiku about some of the beers I tasted. Beerku? Beerku.

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